On the road to Pai

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Chang mai is a delish. I think this is most people point of view, and I fell in love with it as well. But it is busy, and for those who want to discover the country side, Pai is a wondeful option.


Very laid back, Pai is a great place to relax with great scenery. A typical place, just 3 hours out of Chang Mai, that attracts cool people.


Most of Pai’s visitor take touristic companies vans to access Pai, because the road has 762 turns, and is known to be very dangerous mostly because of the trucks.



But because I trust myself more than a thai bus driver, (and I had the choice to do so) I decided to rent a mortorbike anyway ; though I would not advise anyone without a motorbike experience to learn biking this way…


After renting a super cheap motorbike (125cc, fully automatic), here we go for a 3 day trip to Pai. Getting out of Chang Mai was not easy, and kinda stressful. Finding the right road itself was ok, but there is a massive amount of one-way streets in Chang Mai. The country side road is beautiful, and it starts getting steep pretty quickly. ( you need an hour to get out of Chang Mai to access the very steep part). Don’t worry, you can find fuel on the road !



Three hours of fun after ( yep, loads of fun, because as well there is a descending part, still in the forest) you will arrive to very special Pai.


There is a lot of accommodation there, but I’ll recommend one, a hostel called Spicy Pai. A very awesome place, that you will find very very hard to leave. check it out !!!





Around Pai, a nice canyon and waterfalls await you to chill out from the heat 🙂





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