Inspiring lake Titicaca – where to go on la isla del sol

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Freshly arrived in copacabana ( nope – not the one from Rio) you are all eyes for Lake Titicaca, one of the biggest lakes in the world, but surely the highest one.

If the view from copacabana are already mighty fine, wait until you navigate to la isla del sol. You have got the choice in between the north or south side. Choose the north one, there is more things to do. And once you get bored, if so, you can still walk to the south, and stay there another night.

From copacabana, it will take you two hours by boat, and 25 bolivianos (more or less 4 dollars/2.7 euros). The scenery is breathtaking. Once you are there, do not stay in the village, but facing the beach follow the path on your left. Few minutes after the path will go up, and a tiny bit steep. 10 min afterwards, you arrive to alfonso eco homestay. An incredible and simple homestay, runned by a family of the island. Single room, double rooms or dorms are sold at the same price – 20 bolivianos a night per person. But what a view, and an incredible atmosphere as well. This side of the island doesn’t have sunsets, but unforgettables sunrises. The accommodation is basic, but you can cook your own food, and there is a hot shower. For that price, it is luxury.

magnifient vista from the homestay

I would strongly advise you leave most of your luggage in copacabana, a small backpack is really enough for a couple of days, and bring your food as well, it is pretty pricy there to buy veges and other treats. You will soon realize that this island is paradise, the vista from the homestay is stunning, overlooking the lake and the snowy mountains.

This is a very important place to bolivian people, The ruins of the other side of the islands are not to be missed. If you are sensitive to energies, it is a very powerful place, an awesome location to meditate and do yoga.

Every friday night, bolivians people party hard on the main place of the village, an unique experience !

bolivian fiesta


Boats from la isla del sol to copacabana leave the shore at 8h30, 10h30, 13h30, and 14h30. To go on the island, boats leave copacabana at 8h30, 10h30, 13h30.
If you missed the last boat, you can also charter a private one.


Enjoy 😉



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