Incredible Bolivia : the traffic in the cities regulated by zebras!

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Bolivia is incredible for many things.

Crazy landscapes, beautiful and welcoming people, cocaine bars for gringos ( understand : non bolivians) in La Paz, traditional dressed mamitas ( old bolivians ladies, mosty selling all sorts of stuff on the streets)….

And then you have the zebras-costumed guys on the streets. No kidding. Those guys are employed by the government to regulate the traffic in heavy loaded bolivian cities. As many places in the world, traffic in Bolivia is crazy. But indeed, seeing those zebras in the street, dancing and jumping around, seeing hello to everyone – much more sexy than the closed-faced policeman in uniforms, make people laugh and relax. This initiative was born in La Paz, because no one was actually using the path to cross the streets ( that is why they look like zebras and are called that way !!) . The zebras only appear at the time of peak traffic, morning and late afternoon. Bolivian government created as well a dog, that visit the children in their school, in order to explain them not to follow unknown people, and to be careful while wandering into the cities. Indeed, there is a lot of children that get kidnapped on the streets to be used a « slave » and make them work.

Bolivia has great initiatives to helps and educate people, and in a very funny way.

Judge by yourself, isn’t it lovely ?


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It is the best idea ever, viva Bolivia, for taking things with humour!


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